Adding a Reminder

Tap the “+” (add) button on the right side of the “Reminders” toolbar to display the Reminder edit screen.  Optionally you can type a description of your reminder in the box labeled “Remember This…”.  The date defaults to today, but you can change it by scrolling to the right to set the desired date under the pointer.  The time defaults to the next 15 minute increment from now.  Adjust it by scrolling either left or right to the desired hour.  Switch the minutes by tapping the minute button below the time scroller.


What is Remember This?

RememberThis is an app for the iPhone that was created because 1) I have a tendency to get distracted and forget about things that I should remember and 2) because the Clock and Calendar app take too long for me to setup a reminder.

I wanted a way to add a reminder with an alarm in just a few taps.  With RememberThis, you can literally create a reminder with just two taps and a swipe.  It’s fast, easy and has a cool date/time interface that’s just plain fun to use.