What is RememberThis?

RememberThis is an app for the iPhone that was created because 1) I have a tendency to get distracted and forget about things that I should remember and 2) because the Clock and Calendar app take too long for me to setup a reminder.

I wanted a way to add a reminder with an alarm in just a few taps.  With RememberThis, you can literally create a reminder with just two taps and a swipe.  It’s fast, easy and has a cool date/time interface that’s just plain fun to use.

Adding a Reminder

Tap the “+” (add) button on the right side of the “Reminders” toolbar to display the Reminder edit screen. Optionally you can type a description of your reminder in the box labeled “Remember This…”. The date defaults to today, but you can change it by scrolling to the right to set the desired date under the pointer. The time defaults to the next 15 minute increment from now. Adjust it by scrolling either left or right to the desired hour. Switch the minutes by tapping the minute button below the time scroller.

Selecting an Alarm Sound

While adding or editing a reminder, tap the alarm icon on the minutes bar to display a list of all available alarm sounds.  Tap any of the sounds in the list and it will play a preview of the sound.  Tap the Done button to save your selection.

Recurring Reminders

Recurring reminders make it easy to manage alarms that need to happen every day.   When you set a reminder as recurring, you are given the option to “Reset Recurring Reminder” on the “Reminder Detail” screen.

Managing Reminders

The reminders you set will be displayed on the “Reminders List” screen which is displayed by default when RememberThis first starts.  You can have as many reminders as you want.  The list will just keep scrolling.

When a reminder comes due, you’ll get an alert message and the selected alarm sound will play.  RememberThis doesn’t have to be running.  It fully supports the iPhone’s multi-tasking and will alert you even if you’re in another app or the phone’s screen is locked.  Reminders that are past due will appear red in the “Reminders List” screen.

Note that the selected reminder alarm sound will play once every minute until you snooze, silence, reset or delete the reminder.

To do something with a reminder, tap on it to display the “Reminder Detail” screen.  The top of the screen shows the date and time of the reminder with the title of the reminder in the scrolling area below.  This makes it easy to view the details of a reminder in case you type a long title with notes.

Tapping the edit button on the toolbar displays the “Reminder Edit” screen allowing you to change the date/time, alarm or recurring status.

For recurring reminders, tapping the “Reset Recurring Reminder” button advances the due date to tomorrow at the same time.

Tapping “Snooze Alarm” displays a menu allowing you to snooze the alarm from 5 minutes to a day later.  Note that for recurring alarms, this doesn’t change the time of the reminder.  When you reset a recurring reminder, it resets to the original time.

Tapping “Silence Alarm” toggles the audible alarm off without removing the item from the list.  This is handy for cases where you’re not quite ready to take care of the reminder but you don’t want to hear the alarm go off every minute.

Tapping “Delete Reminder” displays a confirmation message and then deletes the reminder from the list if you confirm to delete.


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